May 17

Songs of Life

Complete and Utter Nonsense

My family twists words as a matter of course. For example, my cousin may say “I was dilated”, instead of “I was delighted”. When my sisters’ kids were hungry she would say “Are you having a Big Mac Attack?” So of course, nonsense rhymes dilate us. I have chosen poems I read as a child, but I am on the lookout for new poets whose nonsense poems rock my boat. If you know any, please write to me Please feel free to laugh out loud and share your joy.

When You Say That, Smile! Or All Right Then, Don’t Smile by Ogden Nash

The Four Friends by A.A. Milne

The Vulture by Hilaire Belloc

The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

It Makes a Change by Mervyn Peake

The Camel by Mervyn Peake

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