May our lives be enriched by light, love, laughter,
and learning.

TheRiverLagan Story

“Why name a personal blog after a ship?” I have been asked in disbelief. For me naming a forum of ideas after a ship that sailed around the world is apt. Think of all the cultures her crew interacted with; think of the hardships they endured; imagine the glory of a perfect sunrise or sunset at sea. TheRiverLagan is an adventure for me and the best part is that there really was a ship called the River Lagan. I want my thoughts to sail all over the place.

My great-great grandfather, Robert Neill was a coal merchant with a little fleet of colliers. But his sons Charles and James had a vision of something more grand – a beautiful three-masted iron barque, commissioned by them, that would sail around the world. Their dream came true in August of 1877 when their pride and joy, the River Lagan, set off to sail the Seven Seas. One of the features I love about this boat is that it was able to stay steady even without a load of cargo; in other words, it could sail without ballast.

So why name a blog after this ship? Like its namesake, TheRiverLagan website is designed to help us stay steady when the storms of life threaten. It is a forum of ideas that will showcase words and images that inspire, uplift, and delight.

The blog section of TheRiverLagan is a forum that will provide a wide variety of food for thought. A theme will be presented in 400 Words. More insight will come from Quotes on the Fridge – postings of quotes that readers send in. Finally, a podcast, Songs of Life, will feature readings of poems and prose that further illuminate the theme of the week. I hope that my thoughts will inspire others to send in their 400 words, or favourite quotes, or readings for the podcast. You will see under “Team” a section for Guests. I hope you will be one.

Welcome aboard. We look forward to your collaboration.